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Viktor Khartov
Professor, DSc in Engineering, Honored Designer of Russia. Roscosmos Principal Designer of Automatic and Space Systems.
Nikolai Kamov
Soviet Aircraft Designer, Brilliant Helicopter-Builder, Founder of Kamov Helicopter Design Bureau, DSc in Engineering
Matvei Kapelyushnikov
Scientist, Mechanical Engineer, Inventor of the First in the World Reduction-Geared, Single-Stage Downhole Turbodrill Motor
Gennady Mesyatc
Russian Physicist, Founder of Several Scientific Schools - High-Current Electronics and Pulse Electrophysics
Aleksandr Kvasnikov
Russian Scientist in the Field of Spacecraft and Aircraft Engines, One of the Establishers of Moscow Aviation Institute
Nikolai Nikitin
Soviet Structural Designer and Construction Engineer, Architect of the Ostankino Tower and Many Other Iconic Buildings
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