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6-7 September 2016
International Resource Efficiency Forum Finding Solutions to the Global Issue of Resource and Energy Efficiency

Choosing the scope of resource and energy efficiency we took into account its urgent character on a global scale and for each person in particular, as well as the University significant progress and potential in the field of resource-efficient technologies.

International Resource Efficiency Forum of Tomsk Polytechnic University will cover the following themes:

Nuclear Power Engineering =/ vs «Green» Power Engineerin

- Nuclear Non-Proliferation;

- Fusion Power Engineering as Sustainable Energy Future;

- Alternative: Hydrogen or Thorium;

- Renewable Energy Sources.

Oil, Gas and Coal: Seek an Alternative or Improve Efficiency?

- Nonconventional Oil Reserves – Prospects and Development Experience;

- Light Tight Oil Resources and Reserves– Forecasting and Assessment;

- Exploration and Development – Search for Effective Solutions;

- Hard to Recover Reserves Development: Modern Technologies of Intensification and Enhanced Oil Recovery;

- Ecological Problems Solving and Risk Mitigation in Fields Development.

The Arctic Region: New Resources as New Opportunities and Geoecological Challenges

- Arctic Oil and Hydrates;

- The Arctic Region as One of the Most Vulnerable Part of the World Under the Conditions of Global Warming;

- Arctic Seas: Ecological and Climatic Threats.

Space as a Source of New Resources

- Materials for Extreme Conditions;

- Robot Spacecrafts.

Human Resources: Countless Number of People or Global Ageing

- Elderly People’s Wellbeing as a Response to Global Ageing;

- Medicalization of the Society;

- New Urbanism: Smart Growth of Towns and Cities.