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11 May 2016
Tomsk Polytechnic University 120th Anniversary Celebration Program
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The Grand Meeting of the Academic Council is traditionally held on May 11, the date of TPU establishment. The fact that this year Tomsk Polytechnic University celebrates its 120th anniversary determined the organization of a large-scale TPU alumni reunion involving many outstanding graduates from all over the world. Besides the Grand Meeting a wide range of formal events and entertainments is planned. This is going to be a holiday for all citizens with historic reenactment of the celebration of the first technological institute behind the Urals establishment (1896), sacred procession, stone-laying ceremony and holiday concert.

Celebration Program

May 10, 2016

13.30 - Opening of the Exhibition Dedicated to Tomsk Technological Institution Classroom and Laboratory Equipment (TPU Main Building, Office 320)

14.30 - Public Lecture of Swedish Professor, Orjan Gustafsson "Cryosphere Carbon on Top of the Earth: Collaborative Studies in the Carbon-Climate Hotspot of the Coastal Siberian Arctic" (TPU Main Building, Office 209)

May 11, 2016

10.00 - 10.30 Prayer in the Saint Domna Chapel (39а Vershinin St.)

10.40 - 11.10 Opening Ceremony of the Reconstructed Dormitory No.12 (37 Vershinin St.)

11.30 - 12.15 Celebratory Parade (TPU Main building, 30 Lenin Ave.)

12:30 - Cancellation of the Postage Stamp Issued Specially on Tomsk Polytechnic University 120th Anniversary (TPU Museum Complex, 30 Lenin Ave.)

12.30 - 13.20 Opening Ceremony of the Science Park (2v Lenin Ave.)

15.00 - 16.30 Grand Meeting of the Academic Council (TPU International Culture Center, 13v Usov St.)

18.30 - Reception on the Occasion of TPU 120th Anniversary (Big Concert Hall, 12а Lenin Sq.)

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